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Kidz Camera


Simple, clean and easy to use camera app for kids. Ad free and no in-app purchases. Kidz Camera is a camera app entirely separate from the phone’s main camera and gallery, designed specifically for kids. This kid’s camera app has several features that kids will never know are there and parents can't live without. Stop spending time worrying about your child filling up your phone’s storage with an endless number of fuzzy pictures and pictures of feet. Kidz Camera app contains the following features: Separate Storage: All pictures taken within the camera app stay in the app, thus not filling up your main camera gallery.
Storage Limit:Set a limit to the number of photos and videos anywhere between 1-50 a child can take within the app. When photos are taken above the limit, the oldest photo simply deletes out of the app gallery making room for the new photo.
Parent Pin:The parent pin prevents unwanted changes to the settings and allows for the rare good photo to be saved to the device’s main gallery. The parent pin is created the first time the app is opened. After changes are made in the settings, the user will be prompted to enter the parent pin before the changes are saved. If the parent pin is entered incorrectly three times, the app will simply return to the app camera.
Love a Photo:You can export any photos you want to keep from the kid’s camera app gallery to your main gallery by clicking the download icon and simply entering the parent pin.
Parent Pin Reset:Don’t know or remember your parent pin? No worries, just do a simple math problem.
Video Time Limit:Set a maximum number of seconds a video can be up to 60 seconds per video, thus allowing videos not to take up all of your storage.
Draw on photos:Kids can paint/draw on any photo they want, as long as the photo was taken in Kidz Camera app.
Optional Delete Entire App Gallery:After a set amount of time (0 to 12 hours), the entire app gallery can automatically be deleted, further freeing up your storage. This feature can be turned on or off easily in the settings of the kid’s camera.